Tuesday, October 3, 2006

2007 Honda Recon machine test

The Dirt Wheels crew reviewed a Honda Recon, virtually unchanged for 2007, but opted for the standard shift for this test (the Recon is also available with an Electronic shift program (ESP) for push button upshifting and downshifting).

Besides the standard praises for Honda's durability and designs, caught the following:

  • Top speed on the recon was about 50 miles per hour
  • Made it nearly 60 miles on a full tank of gas (despite being mostly full throttle)
  • Had decent bottom and top end power
  • The midrange power was almost dormant, and it caused us to do a lot of extra shifting
  • The mechanical rear drum break faded on long downhills and could use an update
  • It seemed near impossible to get this thing out of control
  • There are also much sportier, less costly competitors out there now
- from the November 2006 Dirt Wheels magazine