Saturday, September 8, 2007

New Polaris Outlaws add more choice to sport world

The new Polaris Outlaw 450 and 525 S were reviewed in Dirt Wheels Magazine, October 2007 issue. The Outlaws will share the same exact frame, suspension arms, steering system and bodywork. The 450MXR stands apart from its bigger brother not only in its engine displacement, but the shocks, tire size and style, making it nearly race ready at 47.5 inches wide and with 18 inch rear tires.

The power to weight ratio was deemed excellent in the review, with the 450 MXR being lighter than both the Kawasaki and Suzuki 450s. But while suspension was very good on the 450, the limits of the 525 S suspension were felt quickly.

A common problem of both models is the Intake system and air boxes are very compact and hard to service. Partly as a result of a very high top rear shock mount which also creates an uncomfortable seat. Polaris has had the same problem before and hopefully will be addressed before full production begins.

It should be noted that these quads will be released in limited numbers in year one, with the plan for the straight axle, high performance track and trail machines to replace the Polaris Predator 500.

The Dirt Wheels crew wondered about future controversy on the track and trail with riders trying to pass off their 525s as a 450 to enter races! Check out the full article on page 52.