Saturday, September 8, 2007

Yamaha Rhino vs Polaris RZR

Want to know how the all new Polaris RZR 800 stacks up against the popular Yamaha Rhino 660 side-by-side? Both ATV Rider and Dirt Wheels put the two head-to-head in their October 2007 issues. Checkout page s 62 and 106 respectively for the full story.

My summary - the Polaris RZR is fast, exciting and "cool". But although designed for the tighter trails, the RZR 800 was actually not as good in that environment as the Rhino. Nonetheless, it will be usable in many riding areas where you would have to leave the much larger Yamaha Rhino parked.

In the end, overall build quality, durability, safety, versatility and huge aftermarket give the Rhino the nod if you have to choose just one! But the reality is that there are many people looking for different experiences, and I'm glad to see Polaris not just copying what is already on the market, but leaping ahead in many areas. The RZR will make many a driver and passenger feel like they are rally racers out on the trails.