Tuesday, October 3, 2006

GG Quad 1100 riden by Dirt Wheels

The GG Quad 1100 is built directly around a 1130cc BMW Boxer motorcycle with extensive fabrication of aluminum parts to turn it into a four-wheeler. It is certianly the most exotic street quad to come along so far, and might possibly be the first to become street legal in the United States. My takeaways from the article...

Looked more impressive than it road. Despite claims that the GG Quad has the same power-to-weight ratio as a Corvette, it didn't pull as hard as expected but still reached 110mph. While the tires were great, the cornering was strenuous in the tighter turns and the Dirt Wheels crew felt the quad could definitely benefit from power steering option like that starting to appear on utility quads.

The traction and braking were phenomenal, leading to a very safe feeling ride. It's just too bad you can't veer off the road to take shortcut trails on this bad boy.

Check out the importers website and read the full article in the November 2006 issue of Dirt Wheels magazine.