Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dialing in the KFX450 with ATV Rider

Already received my January 2008 issue of ATV Rider, in which they recap some extensive testing done on the new KFX 450 at Hungry Valley SVRA near Los Angeles, California
and also in the dunes of Glamis.

The main issues addressed relate to ergonomics and comfort. An IMS/Roll Design +1-inch steering stem was added to improve riding stance and eliminate frame feedback at the same time. Quad-Tech ATV provided 1-inch thicker seat foam to address a seat that felt like a "concrete starting pad". Helping with the twitchy front-end that has been reported elsewhere, a GPR steering damper was added, and a set of Spider grips finished off things in the handling department.

Yoshimura provided a full RS2 exhaust system and fuel-injection control system that in turn provided just enough power increase to overcome power-robing soft sand and the STI Sand Track paddle tires mounted on A5 aluminum wheels from DWT.

What did it all add up to?

"for being a machine that didn't meet my expectations from the way it was talked up, these simple modifications quickly restored faith in its potential"

Check out the details on page 32 of the issue.