Friday, November 30, 2007

Rubber track conversion systems for ATVs

Note - I have an updated post on rubber track conversion systems here.

As winter sets in here in the States, I've been wanting to look at all the ways you can put tracks on your ATVs and side-by-sides to enjoy a little fun in the snow, and yesterdays post on the custom Polaris Ranger reminded me to do so...

The real interest for me would be in exploring snowy back country without having to invest the time and money in another machine like a snowmobile. And in Northern Arizona where I live, the snow is unpredictable to begin with, and even when we do have deep snow in the woods, you will often come across sections fully exposed to our strong sun that are down to the dirt.

So without further ado...the main rubber track systems available:

There is a ton of information to explore on those sites, but some key things to know right away.

  • Will make your quad sit solidly on top of snow or sand, no carving through stuff or sliding machine around
  • All include some type of gear reducers to protect your ATV drive train
  • So top speed is typically around 25mph (but with machines like the ThunderCat coming out?)
  • Will be like driving a truck without power-steering, especially when going slow
  • Throw roost everywhere, will be covered in snow, mud, sand or wherever you are riding
  • Which also makes the point, not just about snow. They truly will help you go anywhere you want...snow, mud, sand

But be careful, combine the heavy weight of a utility ATV or other big bore quad to power these things and the 400 pounds of tracks, and you have a handful. Might be more like a tank than a snowmobile I suppose. Actually, the perfect "tank quad" might be a set of these matted to the Arctic Cat Diesel 700!