Saturday, December 29, 2007

Another "alternative" ATV - the Ecoquad

Scottland-based Ecorider, which developed a two-wheel diesel-powered off road bike of the same name, has now entered the quad market with the diesel-powered Ecoquad, promising a fuel consumption figure of 90 miles per gallon.

Not sure how much of an option this will be for folks in the United States, although I did find a US site for Ecorider, so there are distributors and dealers here. Also, the design intent is a bit different than the big Arctic Cat 700 Diesel ATV. The Ecoquad is powered by a 442cc Lombardini air cooled diesel motor delivering just 11HP at 3,600rpm and only available in 4x2 configuration while weighing 562 lbs.

But the niche they are going after makes sense. Rising fuel prices and other cost pressures on farmers, the ability to run red diesel which is widely available on most farms, and the fact that CO2 emissions from the Ecoquad are very low at just 83g/km all add up to a unique and substantially different quad to the right person.