Saturday, December 15, 2007

ATV Rider rides Arctic Cat's 650 Prowler XT

On page 26 of the February 2008 issue of ATV Rider magazine (a little bit ahead of themselves I know), a review I haven't seen in print, the Arctic Cat Prowler XT 650. It was tested in the deep gnarly wooded terrain of Northern Georgia, by Thad Josey and Mike Newsom. Neither of which had tested any of Arctic Cat's side-by-side machines previously and had certain expectations for it that were not all that favorable. That said, I think the article is overly glowing because the Prowler did exceed those expectations quite a bit.

They felt the Prowler XT 650 could not be stopped, regardless of terrain, which I think might be partially a testament to side-by-side vehicles in general. Nonetheless, the Prowler obviously produced great power and is very rugged.

They did feel like it sits high, which it would seem to me as well, and combine that and lack of doors, is prone to having your legs come out. So I would suggest you either not drive it too aggressively, or more likely install some doors or nets before you get hurt. (and before you do that, go grab the latest deals and coupons at

Some quotes from the authors..

"my only complaint about the dump system is that the release handles for it are exposed on the outside of the machine which risks being hit on the side of a tree, therefore easily dumping your load or damaging the handle"

" ferocious power output with the ability to tackle any obstacle"

" could use an improved safety bar and handle system for the passenger"