Monday, December 3, 2007

Cobra ECX Mini Quads dominate racing

Was over on Cobra Motorcycle's website after my wife sent me a link to a bunch of cute kids profiled there (we have some future racers in our family as well). Anyway, noticed this recent news on Cobra ECX 50 and 90cc mini quads sweeping the ’07 Australian ATV Championships.

If you are not familiar with the Cobra's, they are on a whole other level from the Suzuki, Kawasaki and other popular 50 and 90 beginner ATVs. Cobra Motorcycles produces premium race-ready mini motocross quads for youth riders that are serious about competing.

And don't confuse them with other "Cobra's" you might find out there. I have seen a lot of people calling TGB-made quads "Cobra's" on eBay, and even a Cobra Powersports Company. These are not Cobra ECXs! Perhaps more confusing, one of the Tomberlin ATVs is also named "Cobra".