Thursday, December 20, 2007

Follow up post on ATV rubber track conversion systems

Turns out my initial summary of adding tracks to your ATV was one of the more popular articles I've done! So I'm back with some new information and a cool link at the bottom to a pre-built Can-Am Trackasaurus with snow plow and other hop ups on eBay!

Prospector Pro All Season Track Kit

Polaris sent me an email about a brand new track setup they are offering, their "next-generation" Prospector Pro All Season Track Kit for Polaris Sportsman, Sportsman X2 and Sportsman Touring models.

It allows a rider to achieve speeds that are 70% to 80% of the ATV’s top sped when equipped with wheels. The video on the Pure Polaris page shows them clocking a Polaris Sportsman doing 50mph with the tracks! This is a lot faster than I reported before, although still not quite a Thundercat snowmobile!

Apache Track System review
Discovered that recently published an update to a project Can-Am 650 two-up ATV where they installed the Apache Track System from BRP. Brought up some initial considerations to go over. For one thing, installation and how easy it would even be to swap back and forth with normal wheels like I was thinking. You should expect some modification to the ATV even, and given the weight of track carriage and tracks, will need some help too.

Other takeaways:

  • need to have in 4x4 mode for reasonable steering
  • amazing ground clearance added - the space between the front and rear track made it effortless to get over downed trees or even washed out areas near the creeks.
  • takes a large area to turn around
  • most trucks do not have enough room in the bed to haul an ATV with tracks

For some great pictures and the full story, including the recount of throwing a track that could have been a lot worse situation, see this article.

Kimpex Commander Kits
Have heard that some dealers are offering these in northern states and Canada as a good track system that is more affordable than some of the others. Don't have details but for fairness wanted to add them to the "list".

Can-Am Trackasaurus...yours for only $15k!

In lieu of Quads of the week, found this very relevant and awesome machine on eBay. A Can-Am Outlander 800 MAX XT with BRP's Apache Track System and other goodies. Check it out.