Saturday, December 8, 2007

Go ahead, get the kids an ATV for Christmas!

Arctic-Cat 50cc ATV models now just $1599. You can also shake the little snow globe while on that site, but really, if you can afford it, a quad would make a great Christmas gift for your children. Despite the most recent reports from physician groups proposing bans on ATVs for anyone under 16, I think this would do more harm than good. Getting our youngsters started at an early age, on smaller and safer ATVs, teaches them more skills and respect for the machine, as opposed to forcing them to wait until they are a 16 year old know-it-all and taking off on a full-size quad for the first time! Here is hoping that common sense and a longer term perspective prevail.

The options for your kids have also increased greatly for 2008. Can-Am has brand new DS-70, DS-90 and the DS-90 X-package mini ATVs (they are promoting on homepage for the holidays even!), and joins Kawasaki's new minis from 2007 we posted about while back. Suzuki and Honda still have there super reliable youth ATVs as well. In fact, we bought our girls Suzuki LT-Z50s each for Christmas last year. As always, keep an eye on the mini category here at the ATV and Side-by-Side blog for all the latest.

And what about gifts for dad!? For now, take a look at our latest site for deals and shopping tips for ATV gear at We will be launching this officially on Monday.