Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Honda TRX400EX "Low Budget" Project ATV acquired a new 2006 Honda TRX400EX, and set forth to build an inexpensive, all around sport ATV using many time tested parts in their latest project. They left the engine alone, completely rebuilt the suspension, added new oil tank, axle and other goodies.

This is a neat read, given the intent of building something the average enthusiast could do as well. To keep the project inexpensive, they actually utilized eBay for purchasing many of the items including the shocks. They said their greatest find was a used set of Walsh A-Arms! (another plug for our new site, where we search for these sorts of deals for you everyday)

In the end...

"Our project 400EX is far from a pro caliber ATV, but we set out to build a project that was within reach of the everyday rider, and the goal was accomplished with the 400EX especially since used 400EX ATVs are readily available at bargain prices, and they are extremely reliable if maintained."

See the full article for all the details and a video.