Saturday, December 15, 2007

Roundup of some recent project racing quads

1. Yamaha YFZ450 - Blue Thunder

ATV Rider felt like the YFZ has not gotten the attention it deserves lately with all the new 450s coming out.

"This machine still has one of the strongest motors in its class, has excellent turning and handling characteristics and as an all-around fun quad to ride"

So they set out to build the ultimate racing machine based on the YFZ450 on page 36 of their February 2008 issue.

A set of wider A-arms and longer axle from Laeger's Racing to improve stability and Noleen J6 shocks to give better handling suspension on a motocross track were added first. They also installed a Yamaha GYTR complete exhaust system that not only allows the engine to breathe better, but looks better too and is lighter weight. Then CT Racing did some trick internal motor work, along with adding a high-compression JE piston. The only trade-off for this extra performance is the requirement to run race gas.

Footpegs, heel guards and nerf bars from IMS/Roll Design were added to get the quad track-ready and ITP Quadcross tires mounted on ITP rims were added along with other goodies detailed in the article.

They brought along their project KFX for comparison but the "YFZ outshined on all portions of our test track. This was by far one of the best machines I had ridden in a long time"

2. Alba Action Sports Polaris 525 Outlaw Sand Quad

Polaris worked with Alba Action Sports to build a showcase quad for their dealer shows and consumer functions around the country as featured on page 155 of Dirt Wheels January 2008.

Alba discovered that there were virtually no aftermarket parts available for the Outlaw 525 IRS
which proved not to matter as they just built custom parts themselves and with others, including a billet aluminum handlebar adapter that not only raises the mount height, but allows any style of aftermarket bars to be added.

Most attention was given to handling and looks, with Fox Float front shocks and Fox Podium rear shocks custom built and adapted to the quad. A bright orange chassis, right down to the nerf bars, gives the Alba Outlaw sand quad a very distinctive and aggressive look.

The engine work was kept simple, adding a big bore kit and an Alba exhaust system. This still added nearly 10hp over stock however. Since the IRS model weighs more than the solid axle Outlaw, having a bit more power does help.

This is some cool work you should check out, and especially interesting given post I just did on the Outlaw IRS not being billed as anything but a trail machine.

3. Duncan Racing Suzuki LT-R450 Quadracer

On page 172 of the same Dirt Wheels magazine, Duncan Racing International is tasked with building quite the rocketship from a base LT-R450 Suzuki.

" in this never ending escalation of moto-warfare, you have to keep up on your rocket science courses just to make sure your missile is going to be competitive with all the other missiles unleashed out there"

The main component used by Duncan is their 475cc National Engine Kit for $2945.

The 98mm big bore kit is the largest piston that can be safely put in the stock cylinder and still be used with the Nikasil plating - which offers maximum performance, reliability and engine cooling. Installing a steel big bore sleeve is not recommended. Duncan's Vortex EFI system comes with the kit and works well. Duncan does not offer technical support for other EFI fuel management interfaces that do similar things (such as the Dynojet Power Commander III that I am running).

"We feel we're getting right around 18 horsepower gain with our 473cc kit for the Quadracer" - Loren Duncan (founder)

"could easily keep it a gear high and have it pull strongly to the next turn"

It should be noted, this is work that really needs to be done by Duncan racing, with a time frame of 4 to 6 weeks. And with engines running 12:1 compression and up, you should move to race fuel from standard pump gas. Something like C-12 race fuel (105-112 octane) is preferred by Duncan.

The package is held together on the track with Elka Elite shocks and Elka steering damper for handling with Roll/IMS A-arms, steering stem, handlebars, nerfs, footpegs, heelguards, and bumpers.