Friday, December 14, 2007

Thoughts on the Thundercat

Recently thinking about the Thundercat 1000 ATV from Arctic Cat and those reviews we posted. I jumped on the forums this morning to see if anybody has started to share their experiences, but evidently while expected to start showing up in dealers this month, nobody seems to have one yet.

I'll be most interested to see what Arctic Cat has achieved with the beefed up components for the transmission, differentials, axles, and CV joints. I know a 650-700cc can easily break these so I can just imagine what a 950 might do.

But the other big thought is how the Thundercat will be classified in different states. I had discussions in the past with folks where some states would not classify something this big as an ATV. I'm sure Arctic Cat is working that end.

One last thing to consider. I understand the safety perception with ATVs, but why all the trepidation around this thing, considering I found out that Arctic Cat actually has produced a Thundercat 1000 in the past. A snowmobile that is!

And check out the specs on this monster...puts the ATV to shame! (or in better light in terms of safety I suppose ;). It has an estimated 170 horsepower which comes from a massive 999cc, triple-cylinder, 2-stroke engine and only weights 583 pounds. Nice.

In any event, the Thundercat 1000 ATV will likely find its place, mostly in extreme conditions like mud bogging or even snow riding...go figure.