Monday, January 7, 2008

Kawasaki Teryx 750 SxS Update

Based on previous information from Kawasaki, I thought I'd check the forums to see if any of the new Kawasaki side-by-sides had made it to dealers around the country. Looks like folks might have to wait a little longer...the only thing I found were a couple references to March being a new target date.

However, with more specs released and even a few spottings of prototype units around the country, we can put together a better picture of what to expect in coming months...

1) The 2008 Kawasaki Teryx 750 will NOT be fuel injected, which has people on the forums wondering if they should wait for a later year model, or even how hard it would be to switch out themselves since the Brute Force's now have fuel injection. Which I think is good to see, as regardless of your opinion on the current level of EFI technology in quads, it is where we need to be going. For usability reasons, capability improvements including fuel economy and tuning, and even performance.

2) But those looking for power will be happy. The existing V-Twin powerplant produces great power, and there will be plenty of hop-up parts available when released. Four Stroke Tech has kits up to 900cc tested and ready to go and I know Dragonfire Racing will have several bolt-on products as well. Dirt Wheels claims the Teryx V-Twin will be easier to hop up than any Rhino, Ranger or Prowler engine.

3) Based on Brute Force mileage, expected to get around 75 miles on the 8 gallon tank. For comparison, the Yamaha Rhino has a 7 gallon tank and reportedly gets 100 mile runs

4) Is slightly larger than the Yamaha Rhino and slightly smaller than the Polaris Ranger XP. Could be a little interesting trying to get this thing into the back up a pickup. Its wider stance and longer wheelbase could also be a concern with getting high centered over larger rocks and ledges. Additionally, the plastic bodywork on the Teryx wraps under the frame on the sides similar to the Polaris RZR, and will most certainly not hold up to the punishment to be expected when truly going offroad. On the other hand, the Teryx comes with steel-lined floorboards, something that no other side-by-side offers.

5) Will not come stock with the half doors like the Yamaha Rhino. Bad idea given their marketing description, "able to tackle corners in either a drift or grip style and operate beyond the limits of its rival". Hmmmm.

Bonus) I'm not sure if this is official, or just what is being adopted on the forums, but I learned that the Teryx should be pronounced "T-Rex". Am I the only one that was out of the loop on that?

I think Kawasaki will have a winner with those folks wanting extra power, in a wider more stable ride than current side-by-sides. And the expectation is for the Teryx to deliver more performance and offroad capability than the future Big Red SxS from Honda, and do so while requiring less aftermarket parts than current models on the market.