Monday, January 21, 2008

Saving and protecting lives...with ATVs

One of the points I'll try to repeatedly make on this blog is that ATVs offer potential. Nothing more and nothing less. Despite all the negative press, a quad can not harm anyone or anything by itself, or even when operated properly.

More to the point, here is a small story showing the very good "potential" of ATVs. North Andover, Massachusetts's police will now be using two new ATVs (which appear to be Polaris X2's from the picture) to help in patrolling as well as search and rescue. Maybe not big news, as it is becoming more common, but actually saw two other news stories in the last week where police and rescue teams were using ATVs for assistance, so had to mention this.

Some of the very things blamed on ATVs are flipped on their head in this story. Instead of destroying the environment and peoples lives...“Kids like to hang out and have small fires, these ATVs would be great for getting up there and preventing the preserved land from being burned up” Officer Scott Whittaker said. In addition, police will be able to reach people having medical emergencies outdoors, especially in winter.