Friday, February 8, 2008

Another Teryx review has also published a review of the Kawasaki Teryx, with lots of details and opinions, which I like. Even if I don't totally agree, like the point on the Teryx carving out a middle ground in side-by-sides. I don't think this new RUV segment, or any other "segments" exist really in side-by-sides. Different vehicles offer more or less of a particular focus, but all are extremely versatile and fall along more of a continuum.

A couple things I learned:

  • Developing the fuel injection system would have delayed the release of the Teryx for many months or more. But while Kawasaki is more confident in the Keihen carbs, they are committed to bringing EFI to a future Teryx
  • the Teryx tops out at approximately 48 mph (limited only by the engine governor)
  • Kawasaki engineers have made the Teryx winch-ready
  • the front differential control has preset, incremental stops that allow you to set and go on about driving (different from the lever you must hold on Kawasaki utility ATVs)
  • Others are talking about the pronunciation as well!

You can also find some great photos with the article. They don't have them labeled, but on the last page there are a couple of the Monster Energy Kawasaki race team that has been testing the Teryx for quite some time. It is too bad you can't buy one with that lime green color!