Friday, February 8, 2008 is now live!

I put up a tease early in the week, and now we flipped the switch on our latest site. Checkout the ultimate list of ATVs and side-by-sides for sale. We have many more ideas to implement, but think it is already an amazing leap forward:

  • No more wasted time searching around. We have built algorithms to find and filter all popular quads and types across the web into a single place
  • You only see recent listings. No sense showing you something that is months or more old - it is either sold or the details have changed anyway
  • Get the complete picture with national and regional pages with maps. No more limitation of being forced to see only what is directly local on one hand, or having to see entire country on the other. We think most people shop for a deal on quads at least in an entire region. We bring it to you.
  • We present the information that is most useful, so you can scan more than just what the person selling the quad has written, and with quick sorting by prices

To be clear, we are not involved in the selling or listing of these, we simply wanted to make it easy for buyers to find the deals and what they need.

So checkout and spread the word at your favorite forums and clubs. The little startup money we do have is going into the development of some more great sites and not advertising.