Monday, February 4, 2008

Kawasaki Teryx begins to make its appearance

If you've been waiting for the all new Teryx 750 side-by-side from Kawasaki, the wait is just about over. The quad has started showing up in performance shops and at local dealers (at least in their advertising) in small numbers around the country. has put up a review to go with that timing, although unfortunately, nothing really new is revealed. There is also a video here to go with it, but again mostly just a press introduction and not a review. In fact, the biggest thing I learned is that the Teryx will officially be pronounced "tarex". At least that is how the Kawasaki rep said it. I was hoping "T-Rex" would stick!

Okay, so the real question is will the wait have been worth it? I know a lot of people were looking for something to one-up the Rhino, or at least offer more power. Well it's not looking good for those people so far...some folks over on the forum (no relation to ;) dyno tested the Teryx and had the following to say...

The peak HP on the Teryx is 27.63HP on my dyno and this would explain why the 700 Rhino outran it. Although I have not dynoed the 700 yet the 660 has roughly 25 HP and with the added 100lbs plus the new slightly more powerful 700 would easily explain why the 700 Rhino outran the Teryx. You also see the top speed which matches my GPS which is 45mph.