Friday, February 1, 2008

Polaris Outlaw 50 review

Dirt Wheels has a review of the smallest of the five Outlaws on page 126 of the March issue. The thing that stood out to me was this...

"is peppy in stock trim compared to the other 50s offered. In fact, it could be the quickest 50 we have seen from a major manufacturer"

With top unrestricted speeds of nearly 20mph, the Outlaw will give kids some room to grow and to actually be able to follow you down the trail or around the riding area. I have direct experience with some of the other 50 mini ATVs, and they are pretty lame in the power department. Nothing worse than needing to help push your child's ATV up even moderately steep slopes so they can ride with you - just ask me about it. Some might wonder if I'm expecting too much from a 50cc machine, to which my reply would be NO. I've ridden 50cc scooters that get full-size adults moving right along, and for the price paid for name brand minis, I expect better performance.

I also don't think safety is the issue here either. All of the major manufactures include two or even three different speed limiters or safety devices on their 50 and 90 quads. In fact, if we expect folks to follow the age guidelines given for youth ATVs, they better be able to perform with the larger kids aboard.

Okay, back to the review! Given my comments above, it is nice to see Polaris has included tall foot extensions that help smaller riders reach the floorboards, which can later be removed as kids grow. I haven't seen this on any other mini. Another detail is the option to have pink plastic right off the showroom floor. I know one of my daughters would beg for that.

More importantly, Dirt Wheels found the handling to be above average compared to other minis, both in steering, suspension and limiting the bouncy feeling that a lot of little quads have.

Their conclusion has left an impression on me...

"not the lightest, cheapest or fastest quad in the class, but it may be the best"

You can check it out on Polaris' website.