Thursday, March 20, 2008

ATVs can go "on road" and offroad

Was cool to see this general news piece featuring a Polaris RZR used for running errands around town in Gillette, Wyoming (even if they kept calling it a "Razor"). The article covers some of the potential pros (fuel economy, more agile, better in bad conditions like snow and ice) and cons (lack of awareness from other drivers, design features not intended for street use).

The funny thing is, I saw a bunch of articles about the failed ban of ATVs from all roads in West Virgina at the same time. My favorite quote from the governor himself - "It makes all the sense in the world to keep those dern things off the highways."

My response would have been either "have you not seen an ATV Supermoto event" or more likely, "I think you should try banning cars from the road first". Or perhaps, "never been outside of West Virginia?" The fact is you don't have to go as far as Europe to see quads used safely and effectively on the road. It is possible right here in the United States. Not only in Wyoming as covered above, but my own state of Arizona along with South Dakota, Ohio, and Michigan from what others are reporting. In Canada it has been up to each township or county for awhile now.

I'll work to compile current laws and some of the real issues on this, but for now simply wanted to raise a little awareness of the possibilities.