Monday, March 17, 2008

A couple more looks at the new King Quad 750

One of the more popular utility quads on the market, the upgraded KingQuad 750 has received lots of media attention, including two more reviews from Dirt Wheels and ATV Rider in their recent issues. Thought I would recap some of what we already know, and some fresh points.

Excellent tranny

“The 08 KingQuad 750 is possibly the best-shifting ATV on the market” - ATV Rider

“The KingQuad 750’s CVT automatic transmission is one of the best parts...On the fly, 4WD transition was excellent...4WD nearly flawless” - Dirt Wheels

More power for an already super capable machine

Suzuki claims the most noticeable improvement from the larger displacement engine will be the torque delivery from low to midrange and then slight improvement on the top end. The testers confirmed they felt it...

“it’s easy to lift the front tires from the ground when necessary or crawl up gnarly steep has much better power than its previous models” - ATV Rider

“One of the best hill climbing utility quads available” - Dirt Wheels

Some issues with steering and suspension remain

Just to be clear, you should plan on purchasing an aftermarket steering stabilizer for this quad if you'll be doing any fast-paced trail riding.

“has light and quick steering for a 4WD ATV. This makes it a great cornering machine, but also makes it somewhat unpredictable on rougher trails” - Dirt Wheels

“The suspension is satisfactory but seems to be a bit soft for the weight of the machine even in the highest settings. This was the area of the KingQuad that probably let us down the most” - ATV Rider

Other details to point out

  • 75 miles on a tank of gas
  • Reverse gear rev-limiter was increased to 7000rpm (allowing for better control in situations when you need more power)
  • Stabilizer bar added to the rear IRS