Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pendolauto and Tesseract "quads"

Wanted to give a mention to another trend outside the traditional ATV industry that will hopefully be another driver to making quads a bigger part of the mobility and transportation options available in this country, not to mention bolstering the industry in general. I'm talking about the hybrid bike-quad concepts being shown in the motorcycle world. I first saw the Yamaha Tesseract awhile back, and now Autoblog had a post on the Pendolauto in which they had this to say...

"Swiss automobile and motorcycle customizing company Sbarro unleashes its Pendolauto concept. Like the Tesseract, the Pendolauto leans into turns like a motorcycle would, yet features four wheels, like a car or a quad." (emphasis mine)

Seems people are not sure how to classify these machines. I think in large part due to the fact that ATVs have this black cloud over them from a safety standpoint and assumption that they should never be driven on roads (despite the fact that this is commonplace in other countries).

In any event I'll be following this closely as I believe these hybrids and even future designs from ATV manufacturers can in fact bring greater safety and care for the environment! Autoblog says it best...

"Because the Tesseract and Pendolauto have four wheels, nothing quite like them will be available in the U.S. any time soon. Unfortunately, the powers-that-be have yet to understand that a machine like the Pendolauto can offer similar benefits as motorcycles while perhaps adding a few degrees of safety."

Yamaha Tesseract