Monday, March 17, 2008

YFZ 450 and Raptor 700 compared in the dunes took a look at two special edition Yamaha sport quads out in the big dunes of Glamis, California recently. Some good insight on the differences between the YFZ450 and the Rapter 700 (two popular ATVs for duners) more than a full test or comparison to other quads. Some comments from the beginner /novice level rider:

"In the dunes the Raptor 700 feels more like a Cadillac"

"For the aggressive rider that likes to attack the dunes and is looking for a light, flickable ATV the 450 is perfect. If loads of usable power and a plush cruiser that is still plenty of fun when in attack mode is more your speed, than a 700 is what you need."