Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Suzuki celebrates quad milestones

25 Years of Quads

Suzuki introduced the first quad (or "four-wheeled ATV" to use legacy speak), the QuadRunner LT-125, in 1983.

To mark the company's 25th anniversary of offering quads this year, American Suzuki is inviting all Suzuki ATV owners to join "First on 4 Wheels" celebrations at five regional ATV events:

  • May 2-3 — WPSA ATV Open Championship, Oak Hill Raceway, Alvord, Texas
  • June 14-15 — WPSA ATV Open Championship, Wild Cat Creek MX, Rossville, Ind.
  • July 30-August 3 — Oregon DuneFest, Winchester Bay, Ore.
  • September 15-20 — Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree, Richfield, Utah
  • October 9-13 — Hatfield McCoy TrailFest, Gilbert W.V.

250,000th ATV produced by American Suzuki

Suzuki Manufacturing of America produced its 250,000 ATV in Rome...Georgia that is.

Dustin Wimmer (factory Suzuki quad racer) drove the red KingQuad off the line which will be in Suzuki’s lobby of Technology Parkway and eventually sold to one of Suzuki’s 48 worldwide corporate customers for promotional purposes. The ATV was signed by every employee in the plant.