Thursday, May 8, 2008

Barefoot electric ATV video now on Discovery site

An update from Melissa Brandao over at Barefoot on the Mythbusters show I mentioned awhile back. The video is now up on the Discovery Channel website and features a head-to-head comparison of the Model One and a Polaris 800 gas-powered ATV. And don't laugh, it actually looked similar to the now defunct WPSA Quad Terrain Challenge races.

Draw your own conclusions from the faster lap times on the electric quad, the point is that battery-powered machines are not at a disadvantage in power department. But actually, the line that struck me was that the Model One is around 100 pounds lighter than comparable gas ATV. That is huge not only in performance, but safety. Safety is going to be the battleground for ATVs in the coming years if it isn't already.